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Homeowners throughout Paducah, Kentucky and surrounding areas of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri now have first-hand access to quality exterior remodeling products. Universal Windows Direct offers top-quality windows, doors, roofing, and siding with today’s top energy-saving technologies. From enhancing structural integrity of the home to lowering utility bills up to hundreds of dollars per year, UWD can help transform homes of all sizes from the inside out.

Make a Difference in Energy Savings with UniShield® Replacement Windows

Keeping your home comfortable and utility bills on budget is finally achievable with UniShield® replacement windows. UniShield® is exclusively available at UWD, and it’s the popular choice for energy savings, aesthetics, and value.

Enjoy saving energy throughout the seasons with the industry’s best technology. With four available UniShield® glass packages, every tier level can increase indoor comfort. The most popular package, UniShield® Plus, uses dual pane glass with argon gas between the panes. A single coat of low-e is also included to help keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Other UniShield® window options include UniShield® Class, UniShield® Premium, and UniShield® Supreme. 

Nearly endless combinations of window styles are available. Consider options such as double hung, casement, bay and bow, garden, slider, or even geometric. Custom window shapes are also available to suit any type of architecture. Use grids and grilles to add extra character to curb appeal, or decorative glass in options such as rain glass or prairie glass.

Vinyl window frames are durable and easy to maintain for any homeowner. Window installation is available through Universal Windows Direct, with a warranty protection plan for pieces, parts, glass packages, and more.

Choose UniShield® window products for quality windows that perform for years.

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Fiberglass REplacement Entry Doors

Fiberglass replacement entry doors are one of the top door materials throughout Paducah and our additional service areas. Homeowners choose fiberglass due to its ease of maintenance and striking resemblance to wood. UWD offers wood stain options in colors such as natural oak and cherry to enhance curb appeal. Over a dozen paint colors are also available, including traditional colors such as white and red.

Choose to have your fiberglass entry door primed and paint it the color of your choice. Steel entry doors are also available in an array of colors.

Doors from UWD feature a polyurethane foam core to increase thermal efficiency. This helps further insulate the home while keeping utility bills low. 

Various locks and finishes are available, including brass and nickel. Hardware from UWD is suitable for all home types ranging from traditional to contemporary, along with a safer home with options such as keypad entry.

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Roof Replacement Paducah KY

Quality Asphalt Roof Replacement

Asphalt roofing provides an impressive value, especially with the premium materials available at UWD. UWD is a partner of Owens Corning, who offers some of the best roofing systems in the industry.

WeatherLock G is engineered to block out water and ice, while VentSure InFlow blocks wind-driven rain. These quality products keep homes dryer and free of moisture damage, which can result in rotting wood beams and other costly repairs.

SureNail keeps asphalt shingles anchored the roof, giving the ability to withstand winds of up to 130MPH.

One of the best advantages of Owens Corning roofing is its impressive aesthetic selection. A wide variety of shingle colors are available to complement the home. These hues are inspired by nature and come in various tones of blues, greens, greys, and more.

To get your experience of roofing just right, roofing installation is available through UWD. These roofing systems are also backed with a 10-year warranty in addition to the TruPROtection warranty. This addition protection ranges between 15-50 years.

UniShield® Vinyl Siding

There is no better way to transform the look of a home than with UniShield® vinyl siding. This quality exterior is engineered with heavy gauge plastic and panel thickness of up to .46”. Insulated panels keep homes warm while improving sound reduction, and lengths up to XXL are available for an almost seamless appearance.

Every panel appears handcrafted with lifelike wood grain details. Various siding colors are available, including tans, greens, and even blues. Architectural enhancements can complement your new exterior, including scallops, cedar shakes, and soffit. Scallops highlight window gables and eave edges, and cedar shakes add a rust appearance. Soffit is the best solution to cover rafter beams and protect from rain.

Homeowners choose UniShield® exterior for its beauty and durability. This siding is professionally installed by UWD and it’s covered by our True Lifetime warranty. An additional color protection warranty is included, which guarantees the vibrancy of the siding color for up to 20 years.

Vinyl Siding Paducah KY

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